Danish-Norwegian partnership

6 articles - 5 Danish SaaS companies with exponential growth, and a conclusive article, to gain insights into rising Danish SaaS companies. In this article we will be examining Junu.io.

Mathias Grundtvig
Mathias Grundtvig

Founded in 2019, Junu.io has been growing rapidly and had plans to expand its business in the Nordics.
Junu.io offers a plug ‘n’ play Business Intelligence solution (Azure + Power BI based) that will accelerate the data maturity journey and make real-time-reporting a reality. Thus, transforming big data into logically defined KPI’s.

We first got in contact with Junu.io back in January 2022 and have been assisting them with their expansion into Norway since April.

We had a virtual meeting with John Stensborg, Chief Sales Officer and Co-Founder of Junu.io, to hear a little bit more about his thoughts on our partnership and the kind of assistance we offer.

Why did they need our help?

Having previous roles in larger companies with established inbound marketing and even automation thereof, John and the other founders were contemplating going the same way to create the necessary leads for Junu. However, establishing those processes take a long time and outbound became necessary in order to reach their target audience efficiently. What that also meant, was a very meticulously defined product-fit:

We found out that we wanted to make this solution for project-oriented companies with a specific focus on law firms, architect firms, advertisement, and PR-bureaus. I was sitting on sales and have always thought that when I do canvas sales as well as selling in a relatively complex sales process, I need someone to help me with creating the traffic that is needed, to make sure I always have new input in the pipeline.”

Which begs the question; why do many start-ups outsource parts of their sales process?
Outsourcing requires a high amount of trust in a partner that you’re leaving a crucial part of your business to, and it is furthermore important that you get your money’s worth. For Junu, it was a logical decision:

Interacting with a company that has focus on this, is just easier. Of course, there are costs per qualified meeting, but that is just a part of your costs that you have to have on yourCAC (Customer Acquisition Cost). It also costs money to hire internal resources and onboarding them.” 

Did we meet their expectations?

Because of the tight product-fit, the quality of the service needed was very high. At the same time, a continuous stream of quality introduction-meetings were important for Junu. Therefore, with their first expansion, they needed a partner they could trust with acquiring qualified meetings on the new market. That’s where we at Adaptik came into the picture. The leads should not only be inside the scope, but also have an explicit interest in what Junu offers. And the results of our efforts on the Norwegian market did not disappoint John:

It was important for us to have a continuous stream of meetings for our pipeline, so that we don’t run out of leads to work on. And we are pretty tough in regards to what we put in our pipeline and what we deem good enough to follow up on, but I would say 75%of the meetings have been really good and are likely to lead somewhere.”

What does physical distance between partners mean in a world recovering from a pandemic?

Our partnership with Junu has been mostly virtual due to the relatively large geographical distance. Even though things have been running smoothly, we wanted to know what John thought about that part of our partnership and the concept in general:

We don’t necessarily need to meet each other physically anymore. We have even adjusted our whole apparatus to be able to deliver virtually to clients. So, I have definitely not felt that is has been an issue that we haven’t been sitting physically in the same office. It has worked very well.

On the basis of our successful partnership, we are now looking to assist Junu’s expansion to Sweden and further their growth in Denmark as well, based on their great product and their trust in our capabilities.

So, if you’re in the same situation as Junu; you have a SaaS solution that is just too good not to be used in the rest of the Nordic countries, or perhaps you simply want to grow your pipeline organically with a partner that values quality above all else, then we would love to hear about your business strategy and how we may assist you on your growth journey.
Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it.

See what Junu said about us:

If there are start-up companies that are in the same situation as us and need to get a running start with some qualified client meeting, then this is the fastest way to interact with a professional collaboration partner who has hired people who know their stuff. People who are paid on the basis of knowing their craft, instead of you having to go out and find them on the market. Which is just not that easy.”